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We are WPM

But who are we?

WPM Miami Inc. was founded by Victor Bedoyan an American entrepreneur. WPM has grown year over year quarter over quarter for the past 5 straight years. Primary mission is to provide exceptional value to our customers creating long-term relationships based on trust, transparency, and mutual benefit.

We deliver superior services to our customers exceeding expectations and are a recognized market leader. We are an equal opportunity employer offering a healthy, safe and secure working environment with competitive compensation and benefits.


Our Policy

It is the policy and practice of WPM to maintain high standards of ethical conduct, to comply with all applicable laws, and to do business only with persons who themselves abide by laws and ethical principles. In particular, when dealing in precious metals, we will operate only with transparency by all parties and with assurances of legitimacy in all transactions. This policy is applicable to all business units, subsidiaries, affiliates, partnerships and other business organizations over which WPM has control. It covers all of our employees, officers and directors. We expect, and will assist and ensure, that all of these persons learn and comply with company standards and laws applicable to their job responsibilities, and to adhere to the guiding principles of this policy. We will supplement and administer this policy through more specific codes and procedures, effective communication and training, regular monitoring and periodic review.

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We are WPM

But what do we do?


WPM sells precious metals to industrial customers; the form and degree of purity varies according to the individual customer's requirements, and can go as high as 99.999% grade of highly controlled and stabilized impurities


Melting is a physical process that results in the phase transition of a substance from a solid to a liquid. The internal energy of a substance is increased, typically by the application of heat or pressure, resulting in a rise of its temperature to the melting point, at which the ordering of ionic or molecular entities in the solid breaks down to a less ordered state and the solid liquefies. WPM has various certified professional smelters, melting over 200Kg daily at over 3,200 degrees Fahrenheit.

Sampling / Analysis

All materials are rigorously controlled and any discrepancies between the weights before and after melting are analyzed and justified. Here at WPM we process and create over twenty precious metal assays daily with extreme accuracy and transparency. Each assay comes with a certification print out. Results are delivered and guaranteed by sworn-in assayers according to federal laws covering precious metals. This legislation is among the most rigorous and strict in the world – on which WPM’s clients can stake their trust.

We are WPM

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WPM has several locations nationally and abroad. Headquarters is located in downtown Miami Fl. With several branch locations strategically located internationally.

Tel: +1 (305) 392-0158

Fax: +1 (305) 392-0159



46 NE 1st Ave

Miami, Fl 33132

Tel: +1 (305) 392-0158

Fax: +1 (305) 392-0159


WPM Laboratories

36 NE 1ST ST STE 912

Miami, Fl 33132

Tel: +1 (305) 392-0158

Fax: +1 (305) 392-0159


WPM Ecuador

Avenida 12 de Octubre y Lizardo García.

Tel: 2 3230230

Tel: 2 3230453

Tel: +1 (305) 280-2458


WPM Bolivia

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